Wednesday, 25 June 2014


After trying out a couple of brooches I am now addicted to making them!!! The giant turquoise beetle embroidery did feel like a trial at times so these brooches satisfy my need for projects that are not on the frame for months.
     I have sold most of these in the Royal School shop and now have s frame set up with about ten brooch projects at a time. If I get fed up with one I just move on to the next. Although I am just itching to start another big project......
These two brooches have appliquéd vases with thread sketching and tiny antique bead work. 
A silk shaded leaf with stranded cottons.
A tiny silk shaded pansy.
Crewel work vase and flowers with french knots and stem stitch.
Crewel work oak and acorns on a silk background with metal work detail.
Long and short leaf with seeding on a silk dupion.
French knot hydrangea with long and short leaf.


  1. Your brooches are lovely and I am sure they will sell like hot cakes in the shop.

  2. Love that Brooches... This is what we can call quality digitizing. Thanks for the inspiration.