Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wool trials.

This little ( 5cms) brooch was an opportunity to try out my new wools from the wonderful Hand Weavers Studio based in North London.
            I used four acid colours for the long and short stitching and a stranded cotton for the Portuguese knotted stem stitch. All the colours were named so I used a worsted lime and lemon size 28 which were my favourite to stitch. Next sunshine worsted size 16 slightly thicker and stronger. Finally tan was polo merino which was very soft and had a lovely sheen but not as strong. All these wools are very fine and I did just use one strand of each but it's nice to experiment with new threads.
           I added the knotted stem stitch in stranded cotton as it is one of my favourite embroidery stitches. I usually need no excuse to use it !
            The backing was a silk dupion shot with purple and turquoise.I love the contrast between the matt wool and shiny silk.   

Close up of long and short stitch and Portuguese knotted stem stitch.

Finished long and short brooch. 5cms.



  1. Lovely colours and a beautiful piece of stitching, but then I would expect nothing less from you Margot. I visited the Hand Weavers Studio once and I bought far more than I intended because there were so many lovely things there.

    1. Thank you for your comment Elaina. I really loved using alternate wool for this piece. I agree with you about the Handweavers Studio . My bag was very heavy and my purse very light when I left.