Monday, 30 March 2015

Ribbon embroidery.

Just recently I have been trying out ribbon embroidery. I bought lots of silk ribbons years ago and have never given them ago.
       Well here is my first attempt. I love the look of these ribbons, all silk and beautifully space dyed so the colour changes are really subtle. It does also mean you have no control over where the colour lands. I am also finding that ribbon embroidery does not like to be taken out. This I find really frustrating as sometimes things are not quite as I like them .
       If you live in the UK you can get your ribbons from Sophie Long.

She also has some beautiful kits for sale so do check her out.

Hollyhock design, this just grew and grew. It was supposed to be just one stem. I just could not stop. I just love the way hollyhocks just get so tall and bend over.I tried to capture this.

 Hydrangea, this ribbon had very subtle shading so I brightened it up by using some spacedyed threads with a stronger pink shade.

I loved this ribbon, wine and olive is the best way to describe it. I thought it looked like an Autumn hydrangea when the colours start to fade away. I had some beads which matched perfectly so they just added some more dimension. 

So many colours all in this one ribbon. A high Summer sort of flower.
A silver necklace with another hydrangea.  
My first attempts all together. I do not think I  will make full size embroideries with ribbon work but they are perfect for brooches. I have just bought another load of ribbon from Sophie so I will have to play some more.



  1. magnifique!!!!!!

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