Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mini frame.

Here is a mini frame that I recently stitched an embroidery for. I did change my mind about the embroidery half way through which is normal and there was quite a lot of pulling out. Which is also normal.
    I decided I wanted to do an art deco style piece so I used a colour palette from a Clarice Cliff ceramic to inspire me. The grass had two versions as you can see, hence the pulling out. I am happy with the final version though.
       These frames are from the talented E.Wood Story. They sell a variety of mini frames for embroidery in various woods for you to use as necklaces and some fantastic crochet kits if that is your thing. I have another frame left to stitch , which will have to be a silk shading piece. Possibly as landscape. Watch this space!

     Link to shop for frames

The finished embroidery, I just love these 1930's colours. satin stitch, stem stitch and couching. All in one strand of stranded cotton. Finished size 4cms x 2cms .

The original embroidery with the long and short grass foreground. I felt that this didn't fit in with the style of the rest of the piece. It all came out !!!

My next mini frame.